2pc 16g Dental-Grade Clear Acrylic …

full title: 2pc 16g Dental-Grade Clear Acrylic Green Horseshoe Hoop 3mm Spike Circular Barbells Earrings Cartilage Helix Septum Nose Lip Rings – 8mm

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WEAR ON BODY PARTS – Anti-Tragus , Bridge (Earl) , Cartilage , Daith , Ear Lobe, Eyebrow , Helix , Labret (Lip) , Nose (Nostril) , Orbital , Pinna , Rook , Septum , Snake Bites , Spider Bites , Tragus ?? These circular horseshoe rings are VERY COMFORTABLE to wear and lie flat against your skin ?? They are similar shape to a ball closure ring but just as EASY TO INSERT and remove as a straight barbell! They can be fitted or removed by one person, quickly and without the need for jewellery pliers

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