Boob Tape, Breast Lift Tape Athleti …

full title: Boob Tape, Breast Lift Tape Athletic Body Tape for Lift & Push up Chest Support Boobytape Invisible Adhesive Bra Alternative

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What You Will Get: 1 roll of breast lift tape, 2 PCS silicone nipple covers, 10 strips tape for clothing and body. Silicone nipple covers are used to protect your nipples and they are reusable, just wash with gentle soap and water, then let air dry. The body tape gives you more options of wearing any outfit than a strapless bra does, it’s comfortable and stays in place, not only give natural lifting and also be invisible under clothes.

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Simply Apply & Remove: This bodytape for breast lifting is easy to put on once you get tape on how you like it, it gives your boobs an instant lift! When you remove the breast tape, remember to sightly and patiently to remove by using warm water and oil, it will come right off and does not cause a great tingling sensation.

Size : 1.97 IN x 16.4FT, Free cutting. All have a grid on the back so you can get some exact sized pieces cut and then tailored it according to your require to meet the boobs shape you want. This breast lift tape is as thin as cicada wings, suitable for large or small breasts of A- DD cups and perfect for breast support, lift and shape.

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