#love 100 Pack Pumice Stone for Toi …

full title: 100 Pack Pumice Stone for Toilet Cleaning Bowl Stick Toilet Pumice Scouring Pad Pumice Stick Cleaner for Toilet, Bathtubs, Bathroom, Kitchen Sink, Pool, Grill, 5.9 x 1.37 x 0.98 Inch, Grey

Pumice Stone for Toilet Cleaning: there are 100 pieces of grey toilet pumice stones in the package, which are sufficient to meet your daily uses and replacements, and you can also share with others

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Appropriate Size: this pumice stone for cleaning is approx. 5.9 x 1.37 x 0.98 inches, which is proper to grip and easy to use, lightweight and without adding too much weight to your hands

Practical and Helpful: pumice cleaning stones have a mild grinding function, which can remove calcium, lime and hard water stains easily, improving the efficiency during your cleaning process

Reliable Material: this pumice stick is made of foam glass, non irritating smells and safe, odorless and safe, soft and hydrophilic, not easy to break, and won’t scratch your ceramic tile

Wide Applications: this bathroom cleaning stick is ideal for cleaning toilets, bathtubs, swimming pools, wall tiles, pool tiles, barbecue grills, toilet bowls, toilet bowl rings, providing your life with a clean and neat condition

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