#love Amara Yogurt Melts I Mango Ca …

full title: Amara Yogurt Melts I Mango Carrot | Healthy Snacks for Baby and Toddlers | Gluten Free Snacks | Plant Based Yogurt | Delicious Fruit Snacks | Made with Organic Fruit | 1 Box | 6 Pouches

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FROM BOOB TO SPOON: From our Amara baby food line that’s designed to mix with breastmilk for a gentle transition to solid foods…. to our Amara freeze dried fruit and veggie melt snack line that’s designed for tiny hands. We’re here from baby, to toddler, to kids to offer convenience without the compromise. We believe you and your family shouldn’t have to choose between nutrition and convenience. You – and your child – deserve both.

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PLANT-BASED Yogurt: With no added sugar, this plant-based yogurt snack is sure to delight the whole family

100% ORGANIC FRUITS AND VEGGIES: Just the whole fruits and veggies in a healthy plant based snack for your family. Perfectly sized for tiny hands, these snacks melt in your mouth and are easy to chew and shallow.

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