#love Educa 33,600 Piece Wild Life …

Educa 33,600 Piece Wild Life Puzzle with Wheeled Wooden Carry Case
Price: $499.990 - $380.20
(as of Oct 17,2022 22:14:34 UTC – Details)

Presenting the puzzle with the greatest number of pieces in the world. 33,600 pieces make up this stunning wildlife panorama with many hidden images to find.
This colossal puzzle comes in a wooden box with wheels. Once assembled, it measures 225 inches by 62 inches… that’s over 18 feet long and 5 feet wide.
The puzzle is packaged in 10 separate bags. Each completed section measures approximately 23.5 x62.25 inches and can be joined to adjacent sections to form the completed puzzle.
Dimension of the finished puzzle: 224.41 x 61.81 in
Educa puzzles are made to the highest European standards in Barcelona, Spain using heavy green board. This ensures a perfect fit between pieces and creates virtually no puzzle dust.