#love Eyelid Tapes, 288pcs Breathab …

full title: Eyelid Tapes, 288pcs Breathable One-sided Sticky Eyelid Stickers(Size 5MM), Invisible Medical Fiber Eyelid lift Strips, Instant Eye lid Lift Without Surgery, for Hooded, Uneven, Mono-eyelids

【Great for Daily Use】- These eyelid tape is small and thin, convenient to take anyway, and easy to use.Does not easily fall off or affect makeup, ideal for hooded, saggy, uneven, drooping or single eyelids. So it is good for daily use to make your eyes look bigger, younger, and more charming. You can wear them for wedding make-up, nude look, party, events or photo shoots and others occasion.

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【Affordable and Safe Beauty Tool of Eyelid Lifting】- The correcting eyelid strips can hide in hooded eyelid crease perfectly and lift excess skin of the eyelid without surgery. Put it on your eyelid crease, you will get the same effect of eyelid lifting at home without surgery. It is an affordable and safe beauty tool of eyelid lifting, worth trying them!

【Perfect for Women and Men】- These eyelid strips work for all skin types and skin colors, for men and women. If you have hooded, droopy, uneven, or mono-eyelid, it is recommended that you can use this product. It is easy to create deep and natural double eyelid or hold the sagging eyelid skin up to boost your confident.

【High Quality and Stay 24 hours】- our eyelid tapes are made of high quality adhesive fibers, which are hypoallergenic, lightweight, invisable, breathable and good adhesive, stay 24 hours a day. It is easy to fix, easy to make natural, deep double eyelids and Instant eyelid lifting without surgery .It also can be completely tear off without any pain.

【How to Use Single-sided Sticky Eyelid Sticker】- These eyelid stickers are sticky just on one side. It only takes a few simple steps to easily lift eyelids without worrying about damage to the skin: 1. make sure your eyes are clean&dry before use,2.Identify the area where your eyelid is folding over, 3.place the strip on the eyelid fold(crease) and using your fingers to ensure a complete bond to the skin.

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