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full title: Healthy Hands 2 Wrist & Hand Hot and Cold Soft Ice Pack Wraps For Hand Injuries, Arthritis, Chemo, Carpal Tunnel – Hot/Cold 20+ Mins – Heat and Cold Hand Therapy – Reusable Pliable Gel Ice Pack Gloves

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[The Last Ice Packs You’ll Ever Need For Your Hands!] – Your hand pain isn’t giving up; your Healthy Hands gloves won’t either! Designed for long term, it only takes 4 hours in the freezer or 30 seconds in the microwave to reach high and low temps.

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[Gift Packaging] – Each set of two gloves comes with very attractive gift-quality packaging, ready to wrap and present to your loved ones. Of course, if you are giving this to yourself, then all the better! Perfectly designed for daily life.

[Adjustable Sizing] – Healthy Hands gloves are designed to fit the average person: with a depth of 7.5 inches and an adjustable strap, up to 95% of people will find Healthy Hands fit them perfectly. The glove design provides full 360? comfort.

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