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full title: ORZAX Magnesium Complex, High Absorption, 200 mg Triple Mag Glycinate, Malate & Citrate, Magnesio Helps for Muscle Relaxation, Sleep, Leg Cramps & Mood, Gluten & Dairy Free, 60 Tablets (60 Day Supply)

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DAILY ESSENTIAL MINERAL SUPPLEMENT: Magnesium has many health benefits for the human body, the other purpose of usage of magnesium mineral supplement is overall health stabilization. Helps support Heart health, strengthens bones & Cognitive-Brain functions.* Magnesium malate is one of the contents of Orzax magnesium supplement that helps regulate the daily health.*

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GIFT TO HEALTH: With over 17 years of experiment, as a part of our superior quality policy, our products are manufactured with high standards and 3rd party tested

CRAMP DEFENSE & SUPPORT NERVE FUNCTION: Magnesium deficiency could cause of increases the excitability of the nerve system and muscle cramps.* Orzax magnesium complex contains high absorption magnesium citrate,malate & glycinate that help leg cramps relief.*

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