#love Pool Punisher Inflatable Tank …

full title: Pool Punisher Inflatable Tank Pool Float – Blast Water up to 50 ft with Our Pool Floats Cannon to Thoroughly Crush Boring Pool Days – Dominate Any Body of Water with Our Giant Pool Float for All Ages

NEXT LEVEL WATER CANNON – This awesome feat of aquatic engineering can shoot water up to 50 feet making it perfect for patrolling your territory. Our pump action squirt gun uses pool water to fill itself up ensuring it’s always ready to fire. Designed for kids 5 and up to adults of all ages

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MILITARY GRADE DURABILITY – Engineered from heavy-duty vinyl our inflatable tank can take any form of punishment you throw at it. Designed to take any form of punishment imaginable kids love using our pool float. If you need pool toys that will hold up under any conditions, trust only the Pool Punisher

COMPLETE AQUATIC DOMINATION – This absolute behemoth of a float stands in a class of its own. Impenetrable walls of armor almost a meter high will help keep you protected as you fire upon the enemy. Despite its hulking size, our float is agile enough to make it easy for kids to pilot

PATROL AT ANY AGE – Claim your territory and guard it against the threat of boring everyday pool floats. The perfect addition to any pool party, challenge your kids to an all-out water war. Large enough for multiple thrill-seeking adults and teens our pool float isn’t just for kids

NAVIGATE WITH EASE – Our top aquatic engineers spent countless hours developing the perfect navigational system, you! We designed two leg holes so that you can comfortably sit inside and control the float. Paddle with your feet to easily maneuver while your hands remain free to use the water cannon

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