#love Skip the Line Adhesive Thong, …

full title: Skip the Line Adhesive Thong, 1 pack and 2 pack

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Convenient & Reusable Up to 20 Times: Stick adhesive thong in place on oil and lotion-free skin and you’re good to go. Works flawlessly even when used up to 20 times! Just rinse with cold water and gentle soap and reattach adhesive backing after each use

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From Your Fashion Fix-it Expert: Hollywood Fashion Secrets continues to provide innovative products to keep yourself as put-together as your favorite Hollywood stars with stylist secret weapons! Products are designed to help women feel their most confidence everywhere, anytime!

Comfortable & Gentle on Skin: Made from nylon and spandex with a breathable 100% cotton crotch. This stick-on thong is hypoallergenic and safe on most skin types and will not irritate or cause rashes even on your most sensitive areas.

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