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full title: Teaza Herbal Energy Pouches, Minty Fresh Bundle Tobacco Alternative Nicotine Free, Smokeless Alternative Snuff Tobacco Free Healthy Dip – 2 Peppermint & 2 Cool Mint Chill (4 Pucks )

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Non tobacco TeaZa Pouches are similar in shape and size to a snus pouch, but they’re non-habit-forming and provide a safe and effective way to get the oral stimulation smokeless tobacco alternative pouches users to crave.

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Smooth energy with no crash, curb cravings for snacks and tobacco products. Natural ingredients and is Vegan, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, Tobacco-Free, Nicotine-Free.

Redefine the way you dip and stop chewing tobacco with TeaZa tobacco free pouches – the best alternative to smokeless tobacco.

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