New Moms Maternity Belly Bands for …

full title: New Moms Maternity Belly Bands for Pregnant Women – Pregnancy Belly Support Band for Hip, Back, & Pelvic Pain Relief, Ultrasoft and Comfy for all-day Support, Manage Discomfort & Pain, Reduce Trauma Risk – Adjustable for a Custom Fit (Sizes up to 50″)

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NEW MOMS BELLY BAND EASES PRESSURE on strained muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints by hugging the pelvic area with gentle compression.

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REDUCES RISK OF FALLS! We understand you’re looking out for your baby, too. The baby’s weight distribution remains secure and intact, preventing unnecessary strain, and lumbopelvic compression reduces risk of falls and other traumatic incidents.

ALLEVIATES PAIN BY BRACING THE LOWER BACK, where lumbar vertebrae shift into a painful swayback position, to help redistribute your weight and balance your center of gravity.

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