Poker Earrings – Black Heart …

full title: Poker Earrings – Black Heart Dangly Earrings for Men,Red Heart Alice in Wonderland Earrings,Poker Gifts Queen of Hearts Cool Earrings for Women

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?A perfect gift for any occasion?Our Queen of Hearts Earrings can be worn on any occasion! Whether it is daily social life, anniversary, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, birthday party, graduation ceremony, shooting day, you can wear this beloved jewelry, a cheap and good-quality earring, will become the best in your mind Special jewelry! You can give it to your best friend, your sister, your mother, teacher, etc. We can be sure that this will be a unique gift. It is unique and eye-catching.

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?Worry-free after-sales?I hope our products will give you the best impression! Customer satisfaction is our greatest pursuit!We carefully design each product by an independent designer. We strictly control the details and craftsmanship. We hope to give you a carefully made jewelry! If you receive an unsatisfactory product, please feel free to contact us! We will give you satisfactory after-sales service as soon as possible, and, we promise, no reason to return.

?Product Size?In order to better obtain your user experience, please refer to the size on the picture before purchasing.

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